ProTeam® GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless Backpack w/107532

ProTeam® GoFree® Flex Pro Cordless Backpack w/107532

Item # PTX-107541

  • Adds comfort to cordless in our most powerful battery-powered back pack vacuum ever. An approximate runtime of 75 minutes. 12AH Battery.
  • Airflow: 78 CFM; Static lift: 54"; Battery: Lithium-Ion
  • Motor: 36V/10 A/360 W; Capacity: 6 qt.
  • ProLevel[TM] filtration: 1054 sq in total area
w/107532, ea
Manufacturer #107541
  • Green

Go anywhere plus 30% increase in backpack productivity by eliminating the restriction of a cord and cord management tasks. Approximate charge time of 2.5 - 3 hours. Tool kit includes: ProBlade carpet and hard surface floor tool kit.

We simply refer to the product as “Green” so there will be no misrepresentation of the many types of Ecolabelling third-party certifications. Please contact us if additional information is needed for this product.

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